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Default My 2 Cents

Last Wednesday I saw the new Star Trek movie. I had been looking forward to it, but I was very disappointed.
It's got a very good story, and is very well acted, but the cinematography and editing are so awful (the worst I've ever seen) that I cannot recommend it to anyone. I found it rather unpleasant to watch.
The exorbitant abuse of camera wobble and shake as well as tizzying scene cuts substantially negate much of the value in the rest of the production.
Shots with stable imagery are included but uncommon. Better results could have been had by handing a camcorder to palsied toddler.
The production is also greatly devalued by incessant flashing flare; often blasting the entire screen, at other times consisting of floating baubles (supposedly representing pseudo lens artifacts), and an
almost obsessive display of meaningless horizontal blue lines. It's all very annoying.
One wonders whether the Director of Photography suffers some psychotic obsession that compels him to attempt to recreate imagery from a bad drug trip.
Apparently lacking the competence to rouse the audience with actual cinematic skill, he routinely resorts to violently shaking images in a vain attempt to add excitement to a shot.
I suppose it might be possible to salvage this motion picture by re-doing the post-production from scratch;
but the fact that it made it to the screen in this sorry state in the first place makes it seem unlikely that there's anyone at Paramount able even to recognize that there's a problem.

My rating: One-half of a star.
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