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Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
Great avatar, as was your previous.

I fear my earlier post came across as an attack, Odradek. I'm sorry it seemed that way because that wasn't the intention. I shouldn't have used the word hypocrite which has a much more negative and harsh conotation than what I meant to express. And quite frankly I half expected you to post back with something along the lines of "Ah! But Beastie, my avatar is Trek related because that portrait is hanging on the wall of so&so's house in episode #whatever of Star Trek: You Name the Series!".

Anyway, two things:
#2- What's the story behind your previous avatar? Who is that?
#1- I didn't mean to be mean. Sorry if I was.
Ay me, Beasty, I don't think that you were mean at all.
To be honest, one could say that I pushed for that kind of reaction.
I admit , I was a littlebit tongue in cheek with it.

For the guy in my former ava, that was in fact the embodiement of hypocrisy named Rufus Griswold.
I hope you won't resent me for handling that matter in an ironic way.

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