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Well, I'm just out of the cinema after seeing it for the first time!! To hell with it I thought, if I can't motivate a posse, I'll go on me own before they stop showing it!!!!! And a number of the places weren't anymore...

So what did the Cyberbeagle sniff out on this trip to the cinema? Well, apart from the fact that the Odeon in Belfast smells *extremely* brand spanking new… new carpet, seats, etc… very weird instead of stale popcorn…

Anyway… I bloody loved it! Star Trek hasn't been this good since First Contact. Special kudos has to go to Karl Urban "Goddammit man!" who really channelled DeForest Kelly. Overall it just felt right. Like a comfortable pair of old shoes you haven't worn in a while, but with a new polish. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed these characters. We were so keen to see Picard et al on the screen in the 90s that I'm not sure we appreciated what we were losing with the TOS crew.

I'll keep this short as I don't want to repeat the observations that have already been made on this thread - and I will echo the praise made by various posters here about the aspects that they enjoyed. Who could not smile when Leonard Nimoy appeared? And yes, a tear welled up when George Kirk was killed. And some nice laugh-out-loud moments.

My criticisms are small in terms of plot, the cutting of the escape from Rura Penthe scene detracts from the narrative as Uhura's lines make no sense if you don't know that, as well as explaining what Nero's been up to for 25 years… And Klingons do not have Warbirds… Romulans do.

But my suspicions about those things that I would dislike in the film would be design based were right. First up, I like Ben Burtt, he's done brilliant stuff for Star Wars, but please get rid of him for the sequel. Star Trek should have it's own unique sound effects, not recycled Star Wars ones. Bye-bye turbolift SFX, phaser SFX, and the original transporter sound effect seemed sparsely used - like a cameo appearance.

And then there's the overall design. The Kelvin was much more like a proper Star Trek ship than the Enterprise, I still hate that design. And what has happened to the hand phasers? Bring back the beam! Instead of the squirt guns (although I like the fact they resembled the TOS movie phasers, although they've that daft barrel thing going on). Also, still not keen on the bridge - they really should have tried to keep it closer to the TOS movies layout but with the TOS series colour schemes. And yes, Engineering DOES look like a brewery!!! And photo torpedoes, while closer to the TOS effect, just don't look as good at the post-TMP versions, complete with "plop" sound effect, and the transporter "swirls" are dreadful! And what is it with that bloody lens flare ruining that scene on board the bridge????

But those are nitpicks, still the most exciting and enjoyable Star Trek film I have seen in over 13 years!!!!!
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