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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
he was never asked to be in blockbusters though was he.

he got the gig on X-Men because "looked like" Professor X, pure and simple.

both he and Spiner took amounts out of the TREK for they're own pocket.
actors care mainly about the money, like the rest of us.
He could have refused the X-Men gig if he wanted to - so something attracted him.

I doubt it was the paycheck - Star Trek would be his cash cow if the $12 million Nemesis salary is to be believed. X-Men would be unlikely to pay him that much if it was only money he wanted.

Certainly actors will work for food - most of them are not successful enough to warrant turning down a paycheck, and indeed, sometimes if they are established they'll take a gig purely to buy a new car or house, (which would explain some of Samuel L. Jackson's CV entries).

So what? I'm only interested in the performance they put onscreen anyway.
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