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Originally Posted by Frenzy View Post
I believe the computer only limits you to the maximal allowed stresses to the plane. Which means, it will limit you from performing maneuvers which can rip apart the plane. I dunno, but it might not be such a bad thing.
Unless under extreme circumstances and a difference of opinion the pilot might believe there is no choice but to risk it. But the likelyhood of such a thing is so remote that it probably would never come up. There is no correct answer but based on the numbers its probably more likely for a situation the Airbus system was designed for would happen.

However, and I havent heard this discussed yet, but perhaps its partially in response to people intentionally running a plane into the ground. I dont know how far back the system goes. Would that system have stopped them? Over enough time it would happen anyways when the fuel ran out. I think some military aircraft will for example automatically pull up in such situations.
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