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Originally Posted by Star Trek Viewer View Post
Airbus and Boeing have different philosophies when it comes to the ability of pilots to control their airplanes. Although Airbus has an emergency system called "Alternate Law," the basic framework of its computer control system is to prevent pilots from executing any maneuvers that the computer decides is "unlawful," or in other words, that it decides the airplane cannot handle. I understand that "Alternate Law" and "Direct Law" apply only when flight control computers are malfunctioning.

Boeing, on the other hand, allows pilots ultimate control over the aircraft. The computer can and does warn about certain maneuvers, as I understand it, but it does not have the ability to prevent pilots from executing any maneuver, regardless of how "unlawful" it is.

This is separate from the question of whether either manufacturer uses "fly by wire."

What do you think? Should computers or should human beings have the final say?
I believe the computer only limits you to the maximal allowed stresses to the plane. Which means, it will limit you from performing maneuvers which can rip apart the plane. I dunno, but it might not be such a bad thing.
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