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Judy Dench was great as M! However she should not have been in the prequel/reboot. The original M was a man - she even alludes to him being her predecessor in Goldeneye and yet now she is his predecessor and she promoted Bond... Plus the progession of the character from a 'bean-counter' to a much more savvy M is taking place in reverse. Nerds can't cope with such discontinuity!

Patrick is right though. If all film-makers are chasing commercial success above all else too many films will focus on a set formula of action, effects, love interests, and stereotypes instead of telling a good story. I'm so sick of irritating, arrogant, incredibly stupid American teenagers that I'm usually rooting for the serial killers and monsters. Much of the variety in film-making will be lost. Let the Right One In gets universally astoundingly good reviews and yet, as a low budget Swedish film, it isn't on at any of my local cinemas!
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