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Now this is an interesting thread!

I had been aware of the difference on the Airbus/Boeing approach (except the 777, is that a break from the Boeing norm?), and while it may be taking it to extremes, a work colleague whose husband used to work around planes refuses to fly on any flight which an Airbus is used on. He doesn't believe their approach is safe if and when things go wrong - because the pilot has less options.

I can't really comment on the overall tech position intrinsically my thought would always be that a trained pilot should be able to take over full control of a plane to execute any course of action he deems needed, without a programmed computer saying 'no'.

The human element must never be removed, nor restricted in it's ability to function.

As a sidebar - I'm curious but regarding the plane that was landed safely on the Hudson river, could a computer have made that landing? I don't recall if it was a Boeing or an Airbus, but I seem to think it was Boeing made.
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