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Originally Posted by ST Redshirt View Post
I'm just seeing where it goes.. this thread is exciting
Funny!! Can I get you a towel? Sad when working in a reference to the new movie doesn't get more reaction, huh?

I think our Metal Beastie has a's sort of like the girl in the mini skirt saying "this school should have a stricter dress code"....It would be different if he were using one of the offered avatars. But he (forgive me if I'm wrong on my assumption of gender) went off and found his own avatar and then said "gee...we really shouldn't get to do this".

As I'm sort of a fan of the avatar as art form, I think we should all be free to chose any avatar that complies with the board standards (ie: no naughtiness!). Our avatars are our faces on the board. Star Trek is not a subject embraced by only star ships, star fleet emblems and the like...Star Trek is loved by a broad spectrum of people and our avatars express that.

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