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The place where computers are definitely are a must have are in flying wings like the B-2 bomber. The flying wing design isn't a new idea. In fact German engineers first started to experiment with the idea in the 1930's or earlier. Both German and the US came up with the first flying prototypes in during WWII. What they found was that there are certain aspects of the flying wing that made it inherently unstable and a human doesn't have the reaction time needed to make all the necessary adjustments and maneuver the plane. This contributed to a number of fatal crashes involving experimental flying wings during and after WWII. It wasn't until modern computer assisted avionics that Jack Northrop was able to realize his dream of a flying wing. I think he died before the plane was ever completed, but I think the US Air Force did make special arrangements for him to see the project even though it was top secret.

Still, those computers serve to assist the pilot, not do the pilots job.

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