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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
I really think you should look up their other films, you might find you've been missing out.

I feel Dench is the best M since Lee during the Connery years. She brought a freshness to a pretty streight role.

As it has allready been said, Hopkins has played so many kinds of charaters it's astounding.
Zardoz, I would not have said what I did if I was unfamiliar with their other movies. though having spent a lot of time on this forum I do not blame for thinking the opposite. it seems to be the norm here.

Dench is a dreadful actress.
Hopkins first time out as Lecktor was good, but not as good as Brian Cox in Manhunter. his other two outings were tripe (though I don't blame him entirely - a great villain is hard to come by). nothing else stands out except REMAINS OF THE DAY but everybody was great in that. we can put that down to a terrific story and great writing seeing as even Hugh Grant couldn't muck it up.

no Hopkins, Dench and Stewart are over rated. there are far better actors out there.
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