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Unhappy Arrrggghhh!!!!

Spidey-3 is a very real sore spot for me. When the (supposed) curse of the three-quel is ever discussed this movie must be included along with Godfather 3, Terminator 3, Xmen 3 and Return of the Jedi as super-sucky letdowns of films that follow great first and second installments . Sorry Quark, it is that bad! Particularly when compared to 1, a great film, and 2, the best of the three and my fav. The contrivances and co-inky-dinks of 3 make those of the Trek movie seem like brilliant, insightful plotting by comparison.

The alien lands, of all places on earth, a few yards away from Peter.
Peter's rival just happens to be in the very church where Peter is having his battle of control with the symbiote and at exactly the right time!
Then Brock hears what's going on he happens to position himself in exactly the right spot for the symbiote to fall (drip) on him, thus giving him an alter-ego (like his rival) and the powers to do battle with his rival's alter-ego.
Peter's rival's GF is also Peter's GF's rival (and becomes this rival because she happens to be saved by Spidey when she just happens to be put in a life or death situation by another of Spidey's nemesis')!

I could go on but I would go on and on. Spiderman 4 has got to be better. I'm ready for it.
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