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It depends on the time of year for me. In the winter I usually use nymphs, in the spring, summer, fall, I usually go with dryflies. It also depends on the place. In the mountains, which have smaller streams and fish, I usually go for dries, cause they'll hit anything that looks like a bug! So they're always hitting on the surface.

But there are rivers where I used to live that are much larger and you can wade, really wade and I'd go for mostly nymphs in the winter there and in the summer, spring and fall I'd go for dries. Regardless, if I fish the larger streams I'll usually tie on a nymph at some point.

As far as tying my own flies, I used to do more, but haven't in a long time. I used to tie adams flies alot, some royal coachmen and wolfs, those are about as complicated as I got, I usually stuck to nymphs and emergables. When I talked to my friend that went to Montana he said most of the flies he fishes with no one ever heard of out there, so it may be a regional thing. I tie mostly orange scuds, pheasant tails, brassi's, mosquito larva and emergables, they're easy. There's also a fly called a Wooly-buggar, yes that's it's name, which I used to tie alot. It is supposed to mimick a small fish and I've caught some very large fish on it, so I like that one quite a bit.

I miss it, it's alot of fun, I manage about two or three times a year, whenever I get back to Tennessee, usually on holidays so not very often. Anyway, looks like we're the only ones on this forum that fly fish! Thought someone out there would, so keep hitting the streams whenever you get the chance Eris!

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