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To Metal Beastie:

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
If I recall correctly, Johnny Carson got fined one time for a segment on his show. He was interviewing some female celebrity (may have been Raquel Welch), and she had a pet cat on her lap.

Raquel: Would you like to pet my pussy?
Carson: Move the cat.

LMAO!!!!! This really happened.
Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
That was Zsa Zsa. I saw the clip years ago.

Carson said he would but only if she got rid of that damn cat.
Originally Posted by FranCat View Post
I actually saw that one live...lucky for me, I wasn't eating or drinking right them...I probably would have gushed like a volcano...I rolled off of a couch, I laughed so hard....and it was Zsa Zsa...
Great story Martok but alas apocryphal. That story's gone around for decades but no one, no one, no one who would know could ever say they were there when that happened. It's been long ago determined to be a Hollywood myth.

Hollywood Myth, my ***...I saw it live when it happened!

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