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I was not a fan of star trek in the past, actually i find it kind of borring at times, althoug im fan of Cifi i realy dont care about the tech babbling to much, because at the end it realy doesnt matter at all what is the freaking technollogy behind a ligthsaber for example in SW, or the biologycal science behind the Atreides figthing style in Dune, all of that elements are just "lamps an furniture" in a stage were characters develope themselfs, at the end that is what i like about a story, the characters, and i like the characters in this movie, they are some kind different that their previous versions, and thats ok to me, if characters manage to feel "real" it doesnt matter if you dont have the best "furniture" in stage, im not going to question why frodo doesny fly on an eagle all way to mordor insted of walking, im just gona enjoy the ride, now im really speacting the part two of this movie becaouse im now fan of this new star trek.
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