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Originally Posted by Ktrek View Post
Well, I have decided to throw my lot in with Obama. I have been a Republican most of my adult life and have voted that way with the exception of Jimmy Carter. However, I can no longer support the Republican position as it currently stands. In Texas our primaries are May 4th, I think, and I intend to vote for Obama. Hillary is way too scary for me. I also cannot understand why anyone would think that a Bush, Clinton, Bush and Clinton again dynasty is good for this country. If you have valid reasons I'd like to know! Why should two families be allowed to run the country for a quarter of a century? It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. OK, I admit she was First Lady but that does not qualify her to be President. She also has no leadership qualities. I suppose the first time America is in real danger she is just going to sit in the oval office and "cry"? I could care less about her tears and how personal she thinks all this is. I care about a "vision" for America that is better than the one we have today and I think Obama has that vision and he believes in the "people" and not the politicians. Change begins with me and change begins with you, and if enough of us "get" what Obama is saying we can make a difference in this country.

Now, that said, let me say that even though I do not want to vote for McCain in November he will be getting my vote if it means defeating Hillary. I'm very encouraged by the advances Obama has made. In polls only a few weeks back the news media was telling us he had NO chance but now look where he is! Running neck and neck with Hillary. The Clintons do not play nice and their tactics are unscrupulous but I think Obama can overtake her. Just today it was announced that she was having to "lend" (of course expecting full restitution) $5 Million of her own money to her campaign. Obama does not have the deep pockets of Hillary but guess what? He has raised almost that much in 24 hours just from those who believe in him. Last month in 31 days his supporters raised $32 Million dollars. No big corporations like Hillary just common people like you and me!

If you have not listened to Obama and heard what he has to say then please go to and check out the Media section and listen to his speeches. He is one who can motivate and make you proud once again to be an American.

If you find yourself that you cannot support Hillary I would ask you to please consider donating even just $25.00 to his campaign. He needs money to pay for advertising in order to overcome Hillary. Every little bit helps!

I believe and think that Obama has what it takes to be a GREAT President. He genuinely cares for the people. He has not sold out to Washington politics and he has INTEGRITY.

If this Republican can find hope in a Democrat than I know others can also! A vote for Obama is a vote for hope and change. We can do this!

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