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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
does anyone know why the makers chose to reveal that Marcus was a Terminator in the trailers. I would have prefered to not know just to see if I could figure it out myself?
Probably 'cause it adds to the audience's perceptions of the character. He'd just be an mystery otherwise, right up until the end. Instead, we get to find out that he's totally different from any Terminator we've seen before, but also a logical 'step' between humans and machines. A kind of prototype for the T-800 and their ilk.
Originally Posted by kevin
- She releases a Terminator they know nothing about from captivity because, what? She looked into his eyes, felt his heart beat and just.....knew he was good? Give me a break.
Fair point, but he'd also saved her from being assaulted and raped, and basically behaved like an emotional and moral human being. As was noted in the film, if he wanted to kill - or had been designed to - he'd have done so much sooner.
Originally Posted by radoskal
the only thing I could nitpick about it was how the resistance seemed to be SO WELL SUPPLIED...planes...trucks....l cars...loads of amo.. and guns...all kinds of computer interfaces apparently not infiltrated in some fashion by skynet, and a medical facility and personnel capable of doing a heart transplant. That's not a resistence...that's a frackin full fledged military. But outside of that little point it was solid.
You make a fine point, and I pondered this too - but something occurs to me: Skynet started off as a military programme. On J-day, it couldn't wipe out too many military or government installations, because it'd basically be shooting itself in the head. Skynet is the data strewn across millions of computers worldwide, so those computers had to remain intact - which meant that the military bases surrounding them couldn't all simply be blown away.
Originally Posted by DammitJim
btw, any idea which scene in the film is the one where Bale lost his temper with the idiotic DP?
Not sure - though I blame Bale on that one. The guy simply entered Bale's line of sight during a scene, and for a technically sound reason too. Merely seeing a crewmember hardly seems like grounds for a full-blown tantrum. Especially considering that most of John Connor's scenes involved little more than "mumble mumble mumble by machiiiiiiiines... mumble mumble mumble the machiiiiiiiines..."

As for my thoughts on the movie, here's a slightly cleaned-up version of what I said on a different forum:

I never knew John Conner could be such a flat, uninteresting character. Christian Bale managed quite a feat by appearing bored and mumbly for the entire film.

Marcus Wright was a fascinating character, though, and Chekov wasn't bad either.

Lots of **** blew up, there were killer robots, killer robot Arnies, killer robot motorcycles, and killer giant ****ing robots. And lots of **** blew up. Diverting, but not that compelling. Didn't really have the heart and soul of the earlier films and TV show, something I'd feared would happen when the series was taken out of the here-and-now and flung into the too-familiar 'post apocalyptic battlefield' setting.

Still, they did a fairly good job of setting up what we already know will happen later - Terminators that mimic humans, and machines being captured and reprogrammed - while still telling a new story of how that future will come about. I probably won't bother seeing this film a second time, but I'll still look forward to the next one. If nothing else, there's the slim chance of seeing an entire CG army of Summer Glaus and '80s Schwarzeneggers.

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