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I saw the film today and thought it was generic trash of the worst kind. A $200 million dollar excercise in how to make a bad film.

The acting was non-existent from everyone involved (which makes Bale's tirade exceptionally ironic given his very basic work) Worthington is a bland co-lead, Howard is actually a striking facial actress and actually does look like an older version of Claire Danes, Yelchin disappointed as Kyle Reese, and Moon Bloodgood's character was an idiot and she played the part accordingly. The only thing she had going was good haircare.

- She releases a Terminator they know nothing about from captivity because, what? She looked into his eyes, felt his heart beat and just.....knew he was good? Give me a break.

- Bale's little 'I'll be back' - cringeworthy in the extreme.

- Just why was a decent actress like Jane Alexander in this? Come to think of it, why is Helena Bonham Carter in this?

- Actually where are the strong female characters period? Where is someone with even a fraction of the presence and strength of Sarah Connor? Howard is irrelevant to the film, you could take out all her scenes and wouldn't notice and as for Moongood? Well, I idiotic covers that.

- The big walking machines at the gas station - I'm sorry, I though Transformers 2 was out later in the year?

Granted the effects were great, but the whole movie had me clockwatching within 10 minutes and I could easily have left halfway through if my companion hadn't been enjoying it more.

The action scenes were derivative and uninspired, relying on mega-pyrotechnics. At least the Arnie CGI was way better than the Wolverine cameo and worked - although John Connor's absolute non-reaction to the machine he's so familiar with was a little surprising.

Thank goodness this has been a relative flop - it will, with any luck, spare us the waste of time a T5 would undoubtedly be.

Worst blockbuster of the year so far, I'd even watch Wolverine again first. As an attempt to get a franchise continuing - failure.
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