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Originally Posted by radoskal View Post
I don't have an agenda, just an opinion, just like you...which I attempt to express in a cohesive and respectful maner, , don't want to get under anyone's skin. As for The resistence I just think the resitance should have been more covert with there activities to reflect that the hardware they had was rare and of high value...
I have no opinions. remember what Dirty Harry says about those

but you could just talk about one movie without needing to have a go at another.

as to the hardware again, we don't know how many planes, etc. they actually had, but you surely agree that they wouldn't last long without it.

also, with the deaths of Ironside and company, Connor is now leader of the resistence as opposed to being a "prophet" and is known worldwide.
while being a messiah to the cell that he was a member of he was not in charge, until he returned from the submarine
am I correct?
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