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Default Terminator Salvation - Major Spoilers Here

finally got to see it yesterday.
I loved it.
McG did some damn fine work on this and hasw proven himself as a great action director.
I wish he'd take over the TRANSFORMERS franchise and I wish he had made GI JOE (because that looks terrible)
some good permformances from the actors too
I liked that Anton Yelchin's Reese is already a competent fighter when we see him first
can't say as I thought much of Sam Worthington though. he wasn't bad by any means, but I wouldn't run out to rent his previous films.

I have some questions for those in the know:
1) Bale's voice reminded me of Edward Furlong every now and again. Was Bale using the same accent?
2) is the voice of Sarah Connor on the tapes Linda Hamilton?
3) I think the movie's producers were also involved in the TV series, and I recall the rumour that there would be a reference to the series in the movie, but I missed it (I haven't finished the series yet so no spoilers please)
4) Connor tells Marcus "you killed my mother..." does this mean that SALVATION follows the new timeline of the TV show and disregards T3 (which has many inconsistences with the previous movies), and Sarah doesn't die of cancer but a Terminator kills her
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