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Does the fail-safe/safe-life position relate at all to what I had read in some reports - the Airbus uses a computer control system with no mechanical back-ups? Whereas other aeroplane manufacturers do?

Either way, I'm starting to think the answer may not be known for some time, if at all. It seems that without the black box data the investigation team can't make a lot of sense of the data they do have - 'incoherent' was one word used in a press brief.

Not than I'm any kind of expert, but I think it may turn out to have been some kind of catastrophic structural failure in the middle of that storm they went through.

As for air safety - well, think of the likely number of flights that have taken off and landed without incident in the 6 days or so since the flight vanished.

As has been said - no matter how well designed a plane is, things can still go wrong to bring it down. The only reservation I would have is that if it were at all related to a design flaw, without finding the wreckage or BB, then Airbus is going to have a tough time trying to find out if they need to ground the 330 design for inspections.
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