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Originally Posted by MisokaData View Post
Okay. So we have established the Kirk and Spock line but when I saw "Where No Man has Gone Before" yesterday I totally gor got about the other doctor, Dr. Piper, and Gary Mitchel. Gee, where the hell are they going to be? Since this movie is a sort of reinvention, and I do mean SORT of, what is the idea that Abrams is going to do?
Well, Gary Mitchell has history with Kirk's character in the Academy, so there's a good chance we'll see him. As for his actions in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," that's a TOS story so it hasn't happened yet in the timeframe of this film.

Same with Dr. Piper in the timeline. And let's face it, he was a 'failed' character that was replaced with McCoy -- I doubt Abrams and team are going to spend screen time shoehorning in EVERY possible character in TREK history. McCoy is the ship's doctor, and they didn't hire Karl Urban to do a walk-on in the last 12 minutes of the film as the newest member of the crew.

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