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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Seriously! Like when my friend comes over and we watch Star Trek, my mom comes in the room and says, "Turn that off." I mean, what the hell does she care? If she would sit down and actually watch it with me, she might just like it. All she says is, "She looks too old to have her hair like that." *Referring to Troi's new hairdoo in Nemesis, which I think looked hot!
Ha! ha ha. nice.

We'll my dads a trekkie, but i think its just somethign to do with voyager and ds9, he could never really get into them, though he did give enterprise a chance, for all i know hes watched every episode of every series (hes a tv and netflix fiend)

Its just a beef with tech talk, which i can totally understand, sometimes its so thick that even i dont exactly understand whats going on..OH OH OH

lets right a star trek glossery!! That'd be great, and everyone can just add on their word and define it!!! I'm totally gonna start that thread.
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