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Originally Posted by JediTray View Post
Wow! Thanks everyone for the kind words. It really means a lot! I saw my doc today and she advised "taking it easy" and "don't play the drums", so I had to let the band know and now I'm just staying as comfy as I can.

The cardio appointment is on June 2nd, where he'll look over the ER scans and probably order some tests of his own.

I wish I had the money to do some online shopping while I'm sitting here!

Definately do what the docs say, but keep asking questions. It's your health and doctors do not offer information, you have to ask and keep asking. If they perscribe drugs, find out all you can about them. Keep asking "when can I play again? Can I tour again?" Take the time to get your heart rested, and used to any drugs/procedures that may be needed.
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