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I've recently taken up watching some of his roasts and let me tell you, there's a lot of heavy handed editing going on. I just wish they had as much off air material as they did on. THEN we would see a show. His variety show was a hoot as well.

And FYI. Dean wasn't a drinker. The majority of the time, he had apple juice in that glass that was always in his hand. Now, as for the rest of them....

I just wish I had the opportunity to see the Rat Pack live back in the day on the Vegas strip. I listen to some of their uncensored MP3's from back then, and they are hilarious. No *****-footing around back then.

Johnny Carson was the king of late night. A lot of that had to with his guests. It's amazing to see how people change over the years when you watch them on those talk shows.

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