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Default Hermit Crabs (need some help if possible)

Anyone here ever own or currently own "hermits"?

My girlfriend and I just got a couple new additions to the family. We just welcomed "C. S." Lewis (my crab, C. S. = Crustacean Sensation) and Casper (my girlfriend's) into our home yesterday afternoon.

We fill the tank with about 2 inches deep of sand for the little guys (we decided to get em small so we can watch them grow).

Now maybe I'm just freaking out as a... "new parent" if you will. But now burrowing and we can't see any of them. We can hear them. We know they're still alive, but we can't see them. I noticed at the pet store none of them were doing this, and they didn't have the sand so deep. What's the deal here?
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