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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
I must say, to me DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER are good concepts, but they are not good series, and they are NOT Star Trek. ENTERPRISE screamed true-blue Star Trek to me, in a way that Cardassian Space Stations and flying spoons didn't.
ENT was a good series but certainly not the best, although I did like it better than DS9 and Trip is one of my all-time favourite Trek characters. And if you're going to bash DS9 and especially Voyager by saying that they are NOT Trek, you've got to support your claim with some strong argument because to me, it's bull$hit. I think I can understand why you say that DS9 wasn't Trek (lack of space exploration being the main reason) but Voyager? Voyager was as much Trek as ENT ever was. In fact, they're probably the 2 Trek series which have the most aspects in common.
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