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Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
what was it about the story that you really don't like can you tell me
1) since when are mining vessels more powerful than federation class starships? i.e. miners don't carry missiles, phasers, etc.
2) if an animal can leap out of the snow to attack another animal and then change its mind and chase a man all over kingdom come, shouldn't it be a mammal rather than a lizard? i.e. warm-blooded
3) if i'm marooned on another planet and forced to watch my planet blow up, will i really be close enough that my planet looks as big as a shopping mall? i.e. there's this thing called gravity
4) if i drive a relative/friend's expensive collector's item car into the Grand Canyon, shouldn't i get a beating or at least time in juvie?
5) if my husband serves on a starship assigned to respond to any potentially dangerous anomaly, should i really be giving birth on that ship? should i be all emo when he dies as a soldier knowing that he's in starfleet after all? should i abandon my child 8-10 years later by completing leaving the planet?
6) if i'm a communications officer and i'm smart as hell, outdoing anyone else in my class, should i deliberately withhold information regarding an overheard romulan conversation? should i walk off the bridge multiple times during emergencies without notifying anyone or passing responsibilities onto anyone?
7) if i'm a captain totally enamored by a hero who died saving my life, will i wait until said hero's son is 25, a drunk and rabblerouser before visiting him and encouraging him to enter starfleet on a dare? will i also care so much that i only notice him at all when asked to visit a bar because some of my men are fighting with locals?
8) if i jump off a shuttle in an attempt to land upon a mining tool positioned miles above the earth, will i really be able to breath without an oxygen mask?
9) if i decide to hide my starship behind one of saturn's moons, will it really be so close that saturn's rings intersect with it?
10) if i'm acting captain and fully capable of managing my emotions in an emergency, should i order a student recently promoted to 1st officer to be ejected off the ship for disagreeing with me? i.e. where is the brig?
11) prior series have used transporters to move people/things from surface to ship and underground to ship and from ship to ship but always within a specific range. from planet to ship traveling at warp speed toward another galaxy implies new tech. this is an alternate timestream not alternate time period.
12) assuming black holes act as conduits for time/space travel and i arrive many many years before a catastrophic event (my planet goes byebye) will occur, and i'm so filled with rage that i will sit around for 25 years waiting for spock prime to also eject from the same black hole (being elderly, he took the more scenic route), why haven't i aged? why haven't i gotten homesick for romulan stew or an opportunity to mate? why haven't i found better things to do with my time?
13) assuming spock prime discovered a potentially dangerous situation that could result in the destruction of the romulan home world, given his years of experience and education and reputation, why would he feel compelled to solve the problem alone? is the federation now so well distributed across the stars that such problems crop up from time to time but are deemed trivial so only one scientist need be assigned to help? no starships sent to move citizens out of harm's way just in case? damn. why do we pay federation taxes anyway? are there no romulan scientists even mildly concerned about this potential threat to their homeworld? i.e. the accident that blew up the klingon world was at least believable
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