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The best thing about Enterprise, I thought, was Trip. I thought the actor was great and the character was loose. I always felt the others were trying to fill someone else's shoes, maybe Gene Rodenberry's, to try to give us a new crew worthy of a new Enterprise, but to me it never quite clicked. Trip was the only character that seemed his own entity. I thought Archer had potential but he just never connected with the rest of the crew. In fact, the crew never connected and I think that was its first fault. Perhaps it was miscast. The actors are really quite good, they just never seemed to gel as a crew to me, that may be direction, writing, or just bad casting, but I do firmly believe the show's primary failings are in the casting. I'm not saying Bakula wouldn't be a good Captain, he had potential, I just think the rest of the crew were miscast.

It's like a bad band. If you have a bad band with a good drummer, you can still pull it off. Even if you have a show with not so great writing, you can still pull it off with decent casting in my opinion. Enterprise just didn't seem cast right to me.

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