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I have read about the movie here over the past year and knew what was coming, but reserved jugment until I saw the movie for myself.

I finally saw the movie and thought it was a pretty decent action movie. In that regard, it didn't disappoint.

But I didn't care for it as Star Trek ... too many things turned me off, such as the Uhura/Spock makeout session, cadet to captain, the brewery for an engine room and a number of other things. It was like watching The Day After Tomorrow all over again. And I am just too numb to the time travel tool for story telling.

I walked out thinking that another Next Gen movie, or a new crew could have done what they wanted - a origins story seemed unnecessary as the plot was just another villain threatening the Earth and Enterprise crew comes to the rescue. The previous Star Trek story could have been continued, rather than ended.

I saw it once, and that is all I will see it. If they do another one, maybe I'll watch a pirated version so it costs THEM money for me to watch it.

That's my review. For those that are about to call me canonista or some other label, just remember that I gave it a chance and it didn't measure up. Paramount lost me. If that bothers you, too bad.

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