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Default Why Was This Cancelled!?!

Okay, I know I'm gonna piss some people off, but here goes:

I was just flipping through the channels today, and managed to catch a couple episodes of ENTERPRISE on Sci-Fi. And, after not having watched it in a long time, I can safely say I had forgotten how truly AWESOME it is!

Now to explain why I like Enterprise as much as I do, because after TOS and TNG, it is my favorite STAR TREK series ever made. And here's why:

THE CREW: OMG, they are PERFECT! A crew this good hasn't come out since TNG, and I mean that 100%. Archer is obviously an honest-to-goodness explorer, with the heart of Picard and the rough-and-tumble nature of Kirk. T'pol is pretty much a female Spock, which means she's a GREAT character. Trip, oh good Lord, is AWESOME, the best Engineer since Scotty, if only because of how much like Scotty he is, with all the loveable county humor of Bones. Everyone else is perfect merely for being new and fresh, after a series of not-so-fresh characters.

THE SHIP: IT'S THE F***ING ENTERPRISE!!! Finally, we have a show that brings back the big 'E'. True, the design is different (and a cool design I must say, despite sharing similarities with the Akira-class) but the name is the same. It fits, and to me, Star Trek isn't Star Trek without a starship named Enterprise.

THE STORY: I think the idea of a story about "how it all came to be" was incredible, very original, and better than any idea that either you or I could have thought up. No offense, but I was getting tired of the same old, same old. True, ENTERPRISE had it's slip-ups, but didn't every show, at some point or other? (And some more than others)

I must say, to me DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER are good concepts, but they are not good series, and they are NOT Star Trek. ENTERPRISE screamed true-blue Star Trek to me, in a way that Cardassian Space Stations and flying spoons didn't.

And at least ENTERPRISE had the humility to leave the title of TREK off, when the other two shows didn't. In my book, it deserved it ten-times better than the others.

Let the hate mail begin...
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