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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Never ever has it been explained in Trek why a ship looks the way it looks. Seems as if today different standards apply ...
Indeed Anything goes, for those who are looking for something to complain about.
Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
The tentacles are naughty, and are for hentai.
Indeed. How is the movie faring in Japan, by the way?

As for the Narada's bits and pieces - the ship's made for mining, so it an array of spindly appendages could help for mining operations in dense debris fields. Either by keeping big dangerous rocks from striking the primary hull, or by giving the ship or crew access to particular rocks or gas pockets or other valuables, without having to get their entire vessel right up close. A kind of 24th-century gangplank or siphon hose. Not the least logical explanation from an engineering standpoint, though. Still, I favour the explanation that those tentacles are for protection, or various kinds of mining equipment, or both.

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