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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I would love it if more films were made. Obviously canon is a big issue, for example, the Romulans were 'never seen' face-to-face until the TOS episode "Balance of Terror", so it will be interesting to see how they are portrayed by JJ Abrams in this film.

For the possible sequels it would be wonderful to maybe see other species being used, maybe we can see how the Suliban (from Enterprise) were doing, and maybe another Temporal Cold War plot, it could include the Tholians.

Another idea altogether is that time travel stories are placed on hold for the time being. In the new film, time travel of some sort is taking place, and I realise that it's difficult to fit everything into canon, you know, tie up loose ends. But we'll see. I'm eagerly anticipating the new film.
OH MY GOD! NO TEMPORAL COLD ANYTHING! PLEASE! That was one of the more horrid aspects of ENT. Thank GOD Coto got rid of it for the last season. No Temporal Cold War, no Suliban, no, no, no. Both the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi are among the worst Trek ideas ever created! (My Gods, anytime you name a sci-fi race or character with a name that starts with an X or Z it's bad news.)

Explain away a lot of what B&B ruined Trek with in ENT at some time? Yes, but only to explain it away and the operative word there is "away" as in gone.

More films will be made if this one does well. Even more so if it does what they're hoping and breaks out into a Star Wars like space epic (like Trek should've always been). I assure you that every major cast member was signed onto a 3 picture deal. Just as I assure you that Bob, Alex and JJ already know where they want to take this "trilogy" should more films come down the line.

If you make a sequel off the cuff so to speak without any forethought or planning while creating the original (and because you want to make more money) then they're always bad (I fully expect Transformers 2 to be horrible since Bay created the story himself instead of letting Orci and Kurtzman do what they most likely already had in mind when they wrote the first one. Bay's story will be of the "more money" type than the "let's continue the tale and expand the characters and universe" type).

I fully expect time travel to take a long break after this film (hell, we really don't have any idea how it plays into this one. From what I've read of people's reactions, it would seem that Bob and Alex have perhaps devised something new and fresh or utilized something already well established but rarely used.).

I also wouldn't expect any mention of the Temporal Cold War in this film, that's a fanboy thing and would require knowledge of the canon that many targeted audience members won't have. No that's not how this all happens. No Suliban and no it's not Nero in the Temporal Cold War from the future scenes.

As for the look of Romulans, YES, no stupid brow ridges. That was one of the many ignorant things B&B brought to Trek that needs to be wiped away! It was clearly established that Vulcans and Romulans looked identical (there's a big canon boo-boo B&B brought that always bugged the hell out of me). Even in UDC the Romulan ambassador had a receding hairline and no frakking brow ridges. Let's get rid of those (and judging from the fact that Bana had to shave his head for Nero (if Nero really is a Romulan in this film, that's still rumor, folks) there's a chance that there will no longer be any stupid brow ridges and no more stupid Romulan and Vulcan bad wigs!

Not until B&B made it some off-the-wall and totally ignorant fact that should be done away with did Romulans or Vulcans all have the same haircut. Prior to that bad decision (and even during it if you count UDC and that it ignored what B&B were doing), Vulcans and Romulans alike had varying hair styles. Please, let us bring back some common sense to these two very great Trek races!


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