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Originally Posted by Kataan View Post
Thought I would share this link with everyone. has been around since about 1998 I think and here is their review of the new movie for your reading pleasure.

It has some interesting points to say the least !
Which can be summarized in 4 words: "Get off my lawn!"

It's amusing to see how he claims that this film is "unwatchable for anyone above 20". I believe The Onion's jab against these "die hard" trekkies is totally justified - they hated this film because it made Star Trek accessible to everyone, instead of a handful of basement dwellers who spend half their day in a skin-tight Star Trek uniform. What a mortal sin it is to make Star Trek fun again, instead of men in rubber-makeup!

I'm 28. I watched every Star Trek episode ever aired (except the Animated Series) and every movie made. I built Federation starship models when I was a kid. And I find this film VERY watchable.

However I do dislike the new hand-phaser design. Yes, they always look like toys, but this time they made it WAY too toy-ish.
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