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Originally Posted by TJJones View Post
Some people need to pay attention to the movie.

Sulu had to use his blade to free himself from his chute. By the time he stood, he was already close to the Romulan in front of him. Why tempt fate and try to draw a phaser when the bad guy with a retractable axe comes at you?
Well, if you would have paid a little more attention, then you would have noticed that Sulu was not freeing himself from the chute. He was cutting it away because it was damaged and useless. Then he had the time to take off his helmet, then the Romulan aproached him. Sulu still had the time to take off his hood and show a dramatical pose, then the Romulan decided to leisurely draw his axe. There was quite a lot of time to draw a phaser. But then, why to make it easy, if you can make it complicated.
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