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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Precisely, they all took their phasers with them but Sulu lost his. So to be on the safe side, he took a sword with him. Pike saw the small size of the platform, anticipated that they might get into a melee and that's why he chose people with combat experience.
Nothing of what you say was in the movie. Kirk lost his Phaser. Sulu seemingly never had one or never even touched it. Of course your explanation is good, especially when taking into account that Romulans are known to use melee weapons all the time, because they have something going on with tradition and honor and... wait, wrong species.

However, in the movie the fact that Sulus combat training was fencing was actually used as a joke. Sooo... obviously the authors didnt spend all to many thoughts about the why and how. It was in for the laugh, the nod to TOS and the action and it worked. The sword fight looked great.
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