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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
So what's 400 next to more 6 billion? Well, 12 billion if you include the Vulcan death toll. By all means, run away and hide from the big ship, but don't dress it up as anything other than scarpering without even trying.
But Kevin, thats what Spock was asking Kirk the whole time: Trying what??? Go after the ship and try to stop it by doing what??? Whats your plan??? What do you suggest???

Kirks whole answer was to yell and scream that regrouping with Starfleet was a waste of time. Yeah, Mr. Superman. If you can stop that ship then please just tell us how!

You see what I mean? Kirk had no answer (the writers that is) and thats why the whole scene was a little contrived in my eyes. There was no real dispute. Kirk had nothing to offer. He just went all angry and ticked out.
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