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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Uhmm... Spock does have had a long term plan: An enemy vessel is on its way to destroy earth. Nobody aboard has any idea how to stop the agressor. Therefore a confrontation can only lead to the destruction of the Enterprise. All this would achieve is to add fourhundred dead bodies to the six billion on earth. Only responsible choice of a responsible leader? Retreat. Save as many lives as you can. Return to the next Starfleet base, wich is the fleet at the Laurentian System. After all Earth is lost anyway.
So what's 400 next to more 6 billion? Well, 12 billion if you include the Vulcan death toll. By all means, run away and hide from the big ship, but don't dress it up as anything other than scarpering without even trying.

Kirk on the other hand insists to steer the ship and all its crew into certain death. He is eager enough about it to get agressive and even violent.

After relieving Spock from Command and taking over he still has no plan. He knows now about the red matter. But thats all. Its Checkov who comes and proposes a way to beam aboard the Narada. Once the away team is there they simply search for the red matter. But what did they intend to do with it? If Spock would not have decided to sacrifice his life by crashing the Jellyfish into the Narada...
I'm not sure the collision wasn't the plan. It seemed to play that way. Using the Red Matter the way they did was the only way to really destroy the Narada.

However, yeah, Kirk not having a plan is nothing new. My point was actually about the rant of McCoy and especially about the fact that Spock asks Bones about "his oppinion" without specifying about what he is talking. McCoy makes Kirks fate the topic.
I'll take a very close listen again to that conversation when I see the film next.

I don't recall it being pointless the last twice I saw it. Of course, different minds take different things away.

By the way... when Kirk was in the lifepod and the computer told him to stay in the pod and wait for the SAR party to pick him up... what was his plan then? Ideas?
Why would I care? He doesn't have plans - he wings it. You weren't expecting him to just sit and wait?
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