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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Yupp, thats what the script intended to show us. Now what where they actually adversaries about? What made them disagree witheachother. When kirk was right (as with the trap thing) then Spock was the first to work together with him. When Pike wanted to go over to the Narada Spock agrees with Kirk again. Seems he has no quarrel with Kirk at all. Untill Kirk screams and yells "Lets hunt the Narada, lets hunt the Narada"...

Where did that actually come from I wonder. Answer: The plot needed Kirk to mutiny as it needed Spock to maroon him on Delta Vega, as it needed Kirk to stumble over Prime Spock, as it needed both to meet Scotty, as it needed them to coincidently find a way to beam aboard the Narada (thanks Checkov) as it needed them to coincidently find that the Red Matter was conveniently stored in the Jellyfish. What would they have done if Nero would have extracted all the red matter and stored it in several tanks?


Thats what I am getting at.
Spock was completely dismissive of Kirk because Spock basically did not rate him after Kirk defeated the Kobayashi Maru and the Academy discussion after it. It all stems from that event.

Spock thinks Kirk isn't worth consideration as an officer. Which is evident when he pleads with Pike over Pike's decision to make Kirk first officer. Kirk didn't rate Spock because Kirk doesn't work logically and Spock's approach is the anthithesis of Spock's.

That is why they were against each other. They antagonised each other. That comes to a head in the wake of the Vulcan attack on the bridge deciding what to do. When Spock is being compromised by emotional strain of his recent losses.

They confront each other and Kirk loses because Spock doesn't really give his idea consideration and then wants him locked up. When Kirk loses his temper he then throws him off the ship.

Then the rest happens...

But at that point - neither has a long term plan - but the point is the fight between them. Which is then echoed later after Kirk has the ammunition to make Spock see his decision making is being affected by his emotions. That allows Spock to see where he has been mistaken, and brings him and Kirk together to begin forming the friendship.
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