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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
It actually demonstrates the curve that Kirk and Spock had to go through - from being, essentially adversaries over what to do (after the KM scenario), to having to work together at the end to destroy Nero.

Thus beginning the friendship.
Yupp, thats what the script intended to show us. Now what where they actually adversaries about? What made them disagree with eachother? When Kirk was right (as with the trap thing) then Spock was the first to work together with him. When Pike wanted to go over to the Narada then Spock agrees with Kirk again (that it would be suicide). Seems Spock has no quarrel with Kirk at all. Untill Kirk screams and yells "Lets hunt the Narada, lets hunt the Narada"...

Where did that actually come from I wonder? Answer: The plot needed Kirk to mutiny as it needed Spock to maroon him on Delta Vega, as it needed Kirk to stumble over Prime Spock, as it needed both to meet Scotty, as it needed them to coincidently find a way to beam aboard the Narada (thanks Checkov) as it needed them to coincidently find that the Red Matter was conveniently stored in the Jellyfish. What would they have done if Nero would have extracted all the red matter and stored it in several tanks?


Thats what I am getting at.
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