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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
What do you mean? What plan? What worked?
To go after the Narada and not meet with the rest of the fleet. Sure, that worked due to coincidences like meeting Old Spock and Scotty and getting the ability to beam over large distances. Uncertainties, risks, isn't that a perfect way to display Kirk's command style?

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
It actually demonstrates the curve that Kirk and Spock had to go through - from being, essentially adversaries over what to do (after the KM scenario), to having to work together at the end to destroy Nero.

Thus beginning the friendship.
At this moment of the movie, you needed a scene about Spock and Kirk and the only way to achieve that was via dialogue. McCoy did not say anything for quite some time, so putting Spock and Bones together is the most straightfoward choice.
If the lines had not been there, people would have b*tched about too few screen time for McCoy, no dialogue between him and Spock, that the Kirk-Spock development was not prominent enough etc.
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