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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Well, in the movie I saw Kirk was physically attacking the security officers who where ordered to escort him off the bridge because he had lost his temper and was screaming and yelling he wants to chase the Narada while having no clue what to do when they would have caught up with the beast. In what I saw there was a man who behaved terribly unprofessional, didnt accept orders and physically attacked colleagues.
So despite Spock having no clue what to do either (except the non-decision of rejoining the rest of the fleet, for......what precisely?) because he didn't get het up it was ok?

But Kirk actually being stubborn and refusing to blindly follow a bad order (and if a first officer can't question then what's his point?) that was not going to get them any closer to solving the problem is not?

Spock was running away from the problem, Kirk wanted to face it.
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