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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Kirk wasn't being mutinous as far as I can tell. They should have worked together, but Spock, pissed over the kobayashi Maru, decided not to do that and simply silenced the other voice.
Well, in the movie I saw Kirk was physically attacking the security officers who where ordered to escort him off the bridge because he had lost his temper and was screaming and yelling he wants to chase the Narada while having no clue what to do when they would have caught up with the beast. In what I saw there was a man who behaved terribly unprofessional, didnt accept orders and physically attacked colleagues.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
It's not like Spock's plan would not have lead to the destruction of Earth. Kirk's plan was not sound, rational or logical, but unlike Spock's it worked.
What do you mean? What plan? What worked?
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