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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Spock's plan wouldn't have got them any further either, they would never have encountered old Spock or the Red Matter if they had just gone and met the fleet.
Right. But neither Kirk, nor Spock nor McCoy do know that by the time Bones rants about prize stallions and heart decisions. Thats why the whole dialogue is nonsensical. Spock doesnt know Kirk, so why is McCoy expecting Spock to feel bad about marooning a mutinying stranger? Why is he angered that Spock does not feel bad about his decision? What did he expect?

And Spocks plan was the only logical plan: They had no chance to stop the Narada whatsoever. Again, at this point nobody, neither Kirk nor Spock knew about the red matter, Prime Spock, the Jellyfish, etc. Thats what makes Kirks plan to chase the Narada so stupid. What did he actually intend to do once they face the ship?
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