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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
McCot was lambasting Spock for a poor command decision is what I took from it.

And because the Redneck was actually right?
Right about what? Spock and McCoy didnt know anything about the jellyfish or the red matter at that point. All Kirk had done so far was warning Pike about something inevitable and proposing to chase the Narada and do something. He didnt have a plan at all, nothing, nada, zero. Then he starts a physical fight because Spock doesnt agree with... yeah... with what? Going after the Narada to... uhm... I make that up as I go? If thats the prize stallion, then I do not want to see what the average Ensign John Doe does do all day.

PS: Oh, and by the way, the ship has a communication system. Perhaps if Kirk would have given the bridge a call instead of running arround, perhaps he could have warned Pike about that trap a little faster

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