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Originally Posted by thestartrekker View Post
Klingon prison planet? I know these scenes were cut from the movie, but it still doesn't expaine a few things.
How did he get captured?
Why wait conveniently for 25 years to escape?
How did he escape?
Who had the Narada all that time?
Surely the Klingons would have used it if the had captured it and imprisoned Nero? Think of the untold damage they could have done with it.
My idea - from clues and info on deleted scenes.

The Narada was only 75,000 kilometers from Klingon space (from radio chatter at the start of the film).

The impact of the Kelvin was substantial and crippled the ship. The Klingons, who would have detected the same spatial distortion the Federation did, had sent ships to investigate.

They capture the Narada and her crew

The crew is imprisoned and the Narada taken to a secret Klingon base for investigation.

Klingons - not being the brightest bunch, don't really know what they have and don't do much with it.

Until Nero and his crew manage to escape and continue their job.
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