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Originally Posted by Avalon_ View Post
Spock leaves the bridge (presumably to hurry to the surface and save the council as he explains) and Chekov is in charge. Fine. Then, after Chekov has been put in charge, Kirk and Sulu fall off the platform. A decent amount of time (30secs?) ensues, before Chekov realises that he can run to the transporter room and save them. He runs there, spends a few seconds saving them, and then guess who walks in... SPOCK! What?! How did Chekov overtake Spock, even though he left the bridge earlier, and was (presumably) in a rush also!? Did he stop for a Starbucks coffee?
Yeah, that puzzled me too. The funny thing is, it puzzled me a few hours after I had seen the movie and was thinking about this and that, you know, remembering the flick. While watching the movie I didnt even realize it as a mistake of the script.

Having seen the movie a second time I cant help the feeling that the movie was really heavilly recut and not allways for the better.

However, what about this:
Pike has Kirk, Sulu and Olson skydiving onto the drilling rig because its beam jams the transporters? Why dont they just shoot the damn thing from space?

Kirk and Spock beam onto the Narada, Spock takes the Jellyfish and takes out the drill. Couldnt the Enterprise have done this?

Spock takes the jellyfish to warp, causing Nero to follow him. What was the plan in case he did not follow him and instead just had used an auxilliary drilling rig going on destroying earth? Didnt he want Spock to watch? Would they then have induced the red matter and created a black hole in earth orbit? How did Spock and Kirk know Nero would follow Spock? Without that knowledge, what the heck was their whole plan to begin with? Beaming over to the Narada to do what? Geting the red matter and then?

Kirk rushes to the bridge to warn Pike they are flying into a trap. Pike says thanks for warning us and... flies into a trap?! What was that actually all about?

After Spock had marooned Kirk on Delta Vega he talks to McCoy and asks him for his opinion about... yeah... about what? The meaning of life and everything? That makes McCoy rant about how you should not leave your prize stallion in the stables. What? A ship with fourhundred crewmen and a redneck Cadett from Iowa in his fourth year at the Academy is now the ships master asset? Spock asks wether the doctor wants him to walk around weeping. About what? Having marooned a man on a planet, a man Spock had nothing to do with, a stranger? What in heavens name are these men actually talking about? The whole dialogue doesnt make any sense.

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