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1: Spock went down to the transporter room after the black hole had been born. The drill was presumably yanked up while he was en route, so Kirk and Sulu were falling when he arrived at the transporter room. Since he couldn't beam down while the transporter technicians were trying desperately to beam the two skydivers up, he had to sit on his hands until the pad was clear. No wonder he was so short with them after they were safely beamed up by Chekov.

Edit: also, 2: I'm not so sure that the Narada had spare drills. Before its 'upgrades', the ship was only a small mining ship. I don't think the upgrades did anything except transform the vessel from a dinky roidrat into a behemoth warship, so if they wanted to drill into planetary crusts, they needed their one drill from their roidrat days. Hence why Nero was so angry once the drill was destroyed at the end of the film; if they had spare drills, his response would have been more along the lines of 'deploy drill two' rather than 'SPOOOOCK! SPOOOOOOOCK!'

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