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I found the relationship between Spock and Uhura interesting and I think it adds to the character rather then takes something away. I also think we are going to see a slightly more emotional Spock in this timeline due to the events that transpired in this film. First this is a younger Spock then we have seen before so he hasn't mastered his emotions fully yet. Second this Spock has lost his home and his mother at the same time something Spock Prime did not experience. Because of this Sarek opened up to Spock and told him he loved his mother and that he didn't just marry her because it was logical. I also think because of this joint loss that Spock and Sarek will have a closer relationship in this universe then Spock Prime and Sarek Prime did. Also Spock Prime has told his younger self to "do what feels right" in this case. I think just as Spock Prime has embraced his human side in his later life perhaps he has influenced this younger Spock to do so a little earlier. I thought they handled the turbolift scene extremely well with Spock and Uhura and the kissing on the transporter pad was a little weird but not a big deal. He was pretty "emotionally compromised" and if I was in a situation where I may never see someone I loved again I would defiantly like to get in a few last kisses and a warm embrace.

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