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Originally Posted by Odradek View Post
But then Pine will be around to let his name be used on such a novel.
Sincerely, where is the point to let a character die, if you know he will be resurrected?
Doyle tried it once with Holmes, than surrendered to the readers and never did it again.
Superman died, came back
Batman died, will come back
Captain America died twice and will come back....
That's because people can't cope with death of fictional heroes. There is no meaning to a character's death period if resurrection automatically follows.

Not unless that experience damages and changes them. Even then, I genuinely think that people should stay dead once they die.

Spock should not really have been brought back in TSFS - much as I love that film.

Kirk can be killed off just fine - but then the writers don't give in (or surrender to readers etc) and bring him back.
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